"Since I'm on the road three to four days a week, having my packages delivered to my rented mailbox saves me from having a pile of rain-soaked boxes on the porch when I get home."

- Cheryl D.

private mailboxes

Rent a private mailbox for personal or business use and get a real street mailing address rather than a P.O. box. We can accept packages and mail from the shipping FedEx, DHL, USPS and any other couriers. We'll sign for your parcels and secure them until you're ready to pick them up.

Some of the advantages of our Private Mailboxes include:

Professional Appearance – having a private mailbox rental at Business & Computer Hub means you have a street address, not a P.O. Box. Many people view businesses with a post office box as temporary or a small-time operation. Our mailbox rentals have a street address for that professional appearance.

Parcels - don’t chance getting a package stolen or weather damaged sitting on your doorstep; we’ll accept packages from FedEx, DHL, USPS and other couriers, and can keep them secure until you arrive. Besides, most parcel delivery services will not ship to a regular P.O. Box. Our Private Mailboxes have a physical address, so parcels are no problem!

Security - your mail is safe behind two locks: the front door and your mailbox. The mailboxes are located within the store, which is fully staffed for more than 48 hours a week - that's nearly 20 hours more a week than the local post office!

Privacy - your mailbox is private – we will not disclose to others that you have a mailbox.

Safety - For you and your family – if you have a home-based business and don’t want customers showing up at your house, protect your family with a private mailbox rental at Business & Computer Hub.

Notification - Save time and money! We can notify you when you have mail or packages, so no wasted trips.

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